Several Winchester 1890s in my collection are for sale!

Winchester 1890 parts

   *   Buyer Pays Shipping and Handling

   *   Some Complete 1890's Available

   Wood Forend (original or reproduction) 

   Action Slide

   Action Slide Handle Escutcheon (bushing) pair repro

   Action Slide Handle Screw (forearm screw)

   Assembling Screw (takedown screw)

   Assembling Screw Stop Pin

   Assembling Screw Bushing

   Barrel 1890 Octagon

   Butt Stock 1890

   Butt Plate 1890 Crescent

   Butt Plate Screw

   Breech Bolt - specify outside (T) mortise


   Extractor Pin

   Firing Pin

   Firing Pin Return Spring

   Firing Pin Stop

   Firing Pin Stop Screw

   Carrier (lifter) 1890 includes lever  Specify: Short /  Long / Long Rifle /

              WRF (special)

   Carrier Lever

   Carrier Lever Spring

   Carrier Lever Pin

   Carrier Lever Spring Screw

   Trigger Stop Pin

   Guard & Receiver (matching serial number)

   Guard only

   Hammer (Stirrup and Pin) assembly

   Magazine Tube, inside complete - Short, Long, Long Rifle

   Magazine Tube, inside complete - WRF

   Magazine Tube, outside - Short, Long, Long Rifle

   Magazine Tube, outside - WRF

   Magazine Friction Spring

   Magazine Ring, Front

   Magazine Ring, Rear

   Magazine Rear Ring Pin


   Mainspring Screw

   Mainspring Strain Screw

   Receiver only (FFL needed to ship)

   Slide Cover

   Slide Cover Stop Screw

   Sight Front, specify early or patented style

   Sight Rear, specify early or patented style

   Sight Base for rear sight (sold only with sight)

   Elevator Screw, rear sight


   Trigger Pin

   Trigger Spring (specify flat or hairpin type)

   Trigger Spring Screw

   Upper Tang Screw

   Peep Sight Plug Screw winchester 1890 parts